Monday, June 16, 2008

Stan Winston (1946-2008)

In wake of the sad news of make-up and special effects designer (and director of Pumpkinhead!), Stan Winston, I would like to thank him, as well as the likes of Rob Bottin, Rick Baker and Tom Savini, for his lovingly detailed oriented approach in both handmade and digital effect rendering and instilling in me a predilection towards his ethic over the ever increasingly lazy and over saturated CGI approach that is all too common these days (see the new Indiana Jones film, the Star Wars prequels, Transformers, et cetera).

Here's a link to an appreciation at Ain't it Cool from some of the directors who he had collaborated with throughout his illustrious career, including James Cameron, Joe Dante and Frank Darabont.

And here are some of his most notable creations:

The Terminator:
Edward Scissorands:
Terminator 2 (The T-1000):
Jurassic Park (T-Rex):
Those last two creations particularly wowed this author in his teenage years.

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