Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Way Things Ought to Be

With apologies to the non-secular amongst us, I am more than a little bummed that the only theatre within walking distance from my house is currently an evangelical church.

The Eagle (formerly the Yosemite theatre) opened in 1929 and closed in 2000.

While it's a long way off to put it mildly, and a pipe dream to put it more realistically, I am seriously considering a future in theatrical exhibition with either the Vista in Los Feliz or the New Beverly as inspiration for the venture. I just need to gain, uh, some business acumen and yeah, some money would help. If the Eagle is ever put up for sale I'd love to....well, like I said pipe dream ("I'm a barber's son"), but perhaps tossing out the idea into the mists of the blogosphere will motivate me or give me good mojo.

In the meantime, enjoy this other 1983 era picture of the Eagle, and if you are lucky enough to live in a part of town that has a neighborhood theatre, PLEASE DO YOUR PART FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES AND SUPPORT IT!!!!! You know I am serious, I pulled out the Caps Lock.

For more on the Eagle, here's it's Cinema Treasures page.


Mummbles said...

$2 dollars for flashdance and risky business? sounds like a deal! I am here to say I will help you out in anyway I can if you buy an old theatre!

The Secretary said...

I am all for it. Great finds with the old pictures of The Eagle.

Have you ever been to the small theater in Highland Park on Figueroa, near Ave. 56 or so? I haven't -- but it seems like a cool neighborhood theater, and they have $3 screenings some weeknights, I think.

Klaus Croissant said...

It is a fantastic idea! Will you dress up like the manager at the Vista?

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