Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Screening Log

Little late, sorry.

Happy Jesus returning from the grave to seek bloody satisfaction Day, or whatever it is.

1.) 3/2-The Last Metro (1980, Francois Truffaut)/DVD/1st/B (review)
2.) 3/4-Shutter Island (2010, Martin Scorsese)/Theatre (Vista)/1st/B
3.) 3/5-Hoop Dreams (1994, Steve James)/DVD/3rd/A
4.) 3/5-Hardcore (1979, Paul Schrader)/DVD/1st/C
5.) 3/6-A Prophet (2010, Jacques Audiard)/Theatre (Pasadena Playhouse)/1st/A
6.) 3/6-Shivers (1975, David Cronenberg)/DVD/1st/B+
7.) 3/8-Miami Blues (1990, George Armitage)/DV-R (MGM HD)/3rd/B+
8.) 3/10-Fitzscarraldo (1982, Werner Herzog)/Netflix Watch/2nd/B+
9.) 3/11-Saboteur (1942, Alfred Hitchcock)/Theatre (New Beverly)/2nd/A-
10.) 3/12-An Affair to Remember (1957, Leo McCary)/DVD/1st/B-
11.) 3/12-From Noon Til Three (1976, Frank D. Gilroy)/DVD/1st/B+
12.) 3/13-The Parallex View (1974, Alan J. Pakula)/DVD/2nd/B+
13.) 3/14-The Island (1980, Michael Ritchie)/DVD/1st/C- (review)
14.) 3/14-Amazon Women on the Moon (1987, Joe Dante, John Landis, etc.)/DVD/2nd/C+
15.) 3/16-Deliverance (1972, John Boorman)/Blu-Ray/2nd/A-
16.) 3/18-Planet of the Apes (1968, Franklin J. Schaffer)/Blu-Ray/3rd/B+
17.) 3/19-Bronson (2009, Nicolas Winding)/Netflix Watch/1st/C-
18.) 3/20-Mother (2010, Bong Joon-Ho)/Theatre (Pasadena Playhouse)/1st/A-
19.) 3/20-Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954, Jacques Becker)/DVD/1st/B
20.) 3/21-Zabriskie Point (1970, Michelangelo Antonioni)/DVD/1st/C+
21.) 3/21-Cape Fear (1962, J. Lee Thomspon)/DV-R (Encore)/2nd/A
22.) 3/24-Alligator (1980. Lewis Teague)/DVD/2nd/B
23.) 3/24-Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970, Ted Post)/Blu-Ray/2nd/B-
24.) 3/25-The Informant! (2009, Steven Soderberg)/Blu-Ray/1st/C+
25.) 3/27-Top Gun (1986, Tony Scott)/DVD/2nd/D
26.) 3/28-Humble Pie (2007, Chris Bowman)/DVD/1st/C+
27.) 3/29-Battlestar Galactica (1978, Richard A. Colla)/Netflix Watch/1st/B-
28.) 3/30-The Headless Woman (2009, Lucrecia Martel)/Netflix Watch/1st/C+


Mummbles said...

I noticed some Battlestar on here, I suggest the new TV series. I really thought it was a great series

Colonel Mortimer said...

The plan is to watch the original series and then the new (and improved?) series afterwards. Why? Because I'm a sucker for 70's Sci-Fi and really nerdy about seeing things in order, even if there's little to no correlation.

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