Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Academy Award Post-Mortem/Quiz

The last thing the world needs is another blogger opining on this year's Oscar broadcast, but seeing how most "Hollywood insiders" are major douches, I'd thought I'd quickly summarize my thoughts.

Yay: The Coens winning (I also yay all the There Will Be Blood nominations, I am still pleasantly surprised this film has been winning over critics and audiences, who I assumed would consider it too bizarre and unsavory). Javier. Danny D-Lew. Robert Elwist (even if Roger Deakins should have gotten something for his overall awesome year). Jon Stewart--I know some people don't dig him, but I thought his opening monologue had a more favorable hit to miss ratio than the majority of Oscar hosts. I did miss the highlight from the 2006 ceremony, the fake smear campaign ads of nominees, but I am happy that unlike some people, coughBillyCrystalcough, he doesn't just regurgitate his popular material. Also come on, the guy's classy as hell letting Marketa Irglova give her speech. Ironically enough the satirical montage tributes to binoculars and awakening-from-dream scenes were actually less lame than the majority of the actual montages(how many were there, 16,000?).

Nay: Diablo winning. All the Oscar nominated songs except "Falling Slowly". The Atonement score winning, not only because Jonny Greenwood should have won, let alone be nominated (dumb Oscar rules) but because it's a second rate Phillip Glass rip-off. Deeming Brad Renfro and Ulrich Muhe unworthy of the memorial tribute (Scheider missed the cut-off date apparently). The Fucking Jerry Seinfeld BEE: dude, let it die.

Other than that, not much worth getting my panties in a bunch.

I hosted an Oscar party this year and in addition to the predict the winners contest (where I ended up in fourth place with 13 correct predictions), I also created a 25 question Oscar History quiz that I had my guests answer. Out of my eleven friends the most anyone got correct was 16 (congrats, Chan!).

Do you think you can do better? Well, here it is, I'll abide by the honor system--so no Wikipedia or IMDB. If you are interested, please put your answers in the comments section. In a couple of days I'll post the correct answers there.


The 2008 Jack Klugman Honorary Oscar Quiz

(beware the trick question or two)

1. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture 20 years ago?
A. Broadcast News
B. Fatal Attraction
C. The Last Emperor
D. Moonstruck

2. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture 30 years ago?
A. All the President’s Men
B. Annie Hall
C. Apocalypse Now
D. Star Wars

3. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture 40 years ago?
A. Bonnie and Clyde
B. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
C. The Graduate
D. In the Heat of the Night

4. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture 50 years ago?
A. The Bridge on the River Kwai
B. Giant
C. The Ten Commandments
D. 12 Angry Men

5. Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture 60 years ago?
A. Gentleman’s Agreement
B. Great Expectations
C. It’s a Wonderful Life
D. Monsieur Verdoux

6. Which classic male movie star never won an Acting Oscar?
A. Humphrey Bogart
B. Clark Gable
C. Cary Grant
D. Gregory Peck

7. Which classic female movie star never won an Acting Oscar?
A. Ingrid Bergman
B. Judy Garland
C. Audrey Hepburn
D. Grace Kelly

8. Which one of these is the only classic director to win an Oscar for Best Director?
A. Howard Hawks
B. Alfred Hitchcock
C. Orson Welles
D. Billy Wilder

9. Another classic iconic director who never won an Oscar was Stanley Kubrick, although he was nominated multiple times, for which film did he not receive a Best Director nomination?
A. Dr Strangelove
B. A Clockwork Orange
C. Barry Lyndon
D. Full Metal Jacket

10. Which actor/director has never won the Oscar for Best Director?
A. Warren Beatty
B. Mel Gibson
C. Paul Newman
D. Robert Redford

11. Which actor/director is the only person to not be nominated for Best Actor & Director for the same film?
A. Woody Allen, Annie Hall
B. Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven
C. Slyvester Stallone, Rocky
D. Orson Welles, Citizen Kane

12. Who is the only French native to never earn an Academy Award nomination?
A. Juliette Binoche
B. Alain Delon
C. Gerard Depardieu
D. Catherine Deneuve

13. Who is the youngest nominated Actress?
A. Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine
B. Jodie Foster, Taxi Driver
C. Tatum O’Neal, Paper Moon
D. Anna Paquin, The Piano

14. Who is the oldest nominated Actor?
A. George Burns, The Sunshine Boys
B. Henry Fonda, On Golden Pond
C. Hal Holbrook, Into the Wild
D. Peter O’Toole, Venus

15. Which actor never received a nomination for their performance as a member of the Corleone family in The Godfather films?
A. James Caan (Sonny)
B. John Cazale (Fredo)
C. Al Pacino (Michael)
D. Talia Shire (Connie)

16. For which film did Meryl Streep earn her first of 14 Academy Award nominations?
A. The Deer Hunter
B. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
C. Kramer Vs. Kramer
D. Manhattan

17. For which film did Tom Hanks earn his first Academy Award nomination?
A. Big
B. A League of Their Own
C. Philadelphia
D. Splash

18. Steven Spielberg’s first Best Director nomination came for which movie?
A. Jaws
B. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
C. E.T.
D. Schindler’s List

19. Which of these is not a sequel to a Best Picture winner?
A. The Empire Strikes Back
B. The Evening Star
C. Hannibal
D. They Call Me Mister Tibbs

20. Which Academy Award did the first Godfather film not win?
A. Best Actor (Marlon Brando)
B. Best Director (Francis Ford Coppola)
C. Best Picture
D. Best Screenplay (Mario Puzo & Coppola)

21. Which is the only Western never to be nominated for Best Picture?
A. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
B. High Noon
C. The Searchers
D. Unforgiven

22. Which famous author never received an Academy Award nomination for their work as a screenwriter?
A. William Faulkner, To Have and Have Not
B. Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita
C. Dorothy Parker, A Star is Born
D. John Steinbeck, Lifeboat

23. Which actor has not won an Academy Award for their work as a screenwriter?
A. Mel Brooks, The Producers
B. George Clooney, Good Night and Good Luck
C. Emma Thompson, Sense and Sensibility
D. Billy Bob Thornton, Sling Blade

24. Which one named musical artist has never won an Academy Award?
A. Eminem
B. Madonna
C. Prince
D. Sting

25. Which famous score did not win the Academy Award for Best Original Score?
A. Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)
B. Psycho (Bernard Herrmann)
C. Star Wars (John Williams)
D. The Wizard of Oz (Herbert Stothart)


chanchow said...

Great party and a great quiz! Thanks for having us. And thanks for the awesome There Will be Blood- themed prize.

Anonymous said...

I had a get together as well. i think i only got 11 correct in my picks. no mention of the seth rogan/ jonah hill oscar team-up, i thought it was the best of the night.

Colonel Mortimer said...

Sorry for the delay posting these (if anyone cares), here are the answers:

11.C--trick question, Stallone did not direct the first Rocky, John G. Avildsen did
13.C--and she won
19.A--Evening Star = Terms of Endearment 2: Endear Harder; Hannibal = The Revenge of Silence of the Lambs; They Still Call Me Mister Tibbs = Still In the Heat of The Night
20.B--Bob Fosse won for Cabaret

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