Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Posterized: Now Playing November 1981

Well after a solid daily schedule in October, I kind of shit the bed blogging wise here in November in terms of written posts, so keeping with that trend, let's close out the month of November with another poster based entry, this time focusing on the films released in the US in November 1981. Like this here blog, it was a paltry slate, though I recommend The Prowler for slasher fans, and Time Bandits is a favorite too.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday, hopefully your patience with me will be rewarded in the next few months. Thanks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Posterized: Now Playing October 1981

I know, I know, we're more than half way through November...but I never did this for last month due to my month long review of the horror cinema of 1981. Below are the poster for the films that opened in American cinemas thirty years and one month ago (many of which were featured in my 31 Days of '81 Horror celebration by the way).

Friday, November 11, 2011

31 Days of '81 Horror: Post-Script

I am sorry this post is so late, but generally life busyness, bad internet issues (fuck you, AT & T), good sports (go Niners!), and a semi-self imposed blog sabbatical post Halloween lead this to be pushed to the back burner.

So, even though we are a third of the way through November, let's take one last longing look back at the horror film celebration of the last month. I would like to thank everyone who came by to read and comment here during my 31 Days of '81 Horror celebration. I came up with the idea in the early part of the year, and was glad that it was greeted with the enthusiasm that it was. While I love all genres of cinema, horror was the first that really got me excited about film, and while generally dismissed by the middlebrow mainstream film press, it endures as it's one of the few types of film that uses all the elements of filmmaking (sound, composition, editing) for effectiveness.

1981 was such a treasure trove for horror cinema that there were far more than 31 titles to choose from, some of the films that didn't make the list include Just Before Dawn (which I did watch and recommend), Night School (which was just released on DVD via the Warner Archives), Final Exam, Evilspeak (which I own a gray market bootleg of), Scream (not the Wes Craven version), and Evil Dead (though I think that's the date of it's original Michigan screening, and not the completed version which I believe was released theatrically in 1983).

As a way to wrap this all up in a neat tiny, blood soaked, ribbon, I present to you the list of films that I covered for 31 Days of '81 Horror in order of my favorite to my least favorite (each title is a link to my reviews of said films).

These following titles, I give high recommends to:

These I give solid recommendations to, especially if you're a horror genre fan:

The following films I recommend but with medium to major reservations:

18. Looker

And these, well, let's say I only would recommend them if you're trying to watch 31 horror films from the year 1981 (but why would you do that, you're not crazy, right?)

25. Wolfen
26. Tattoo

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