Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Show Sketch of the Moment: Rap: The Musical

For those of you who are not yet aware, The Onion's pop culture side website, The AV Club is currently churning out some of the more impressive, thoughtful and well measured articles on film, music and television that you can find anywhere, be it "new" or "old" media. Currently, writer Leonard Pierce is doing a series long dissection of Mr. Show with Bob and Dave.

Here's a link.

The most recent article covers the first two episodes of the second season. If you allow me a bit of personal history, I got into Mr. Show during a marathon of the entire first three seasons (Season 1 is 4 episodes, Season 2 is six, and Season 3 is 10, fyi) HBO aired to promote the then upcoming Season 4 in 1998. I set my VCR to record the entire run after catching a few sketches. My recorded tapes began with the first episodes of Season Two, and until the series became available on DVD in 2001, I obsessively rewatched these tapes over and over and passed them along to friends.

Today's sketch of the moment is from the second episode of Season Two, and considering that a Broadway show based on an album by a band that began their career at the 924 Gilman club is now a Tony Award winner, we are one step closer to RAP: The Musical. Let's just hope it doesn't actually contain any of that pesky rap music!

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Mummbles said...

Ya know, one these days I will have to sit down and watch this entire series.

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