Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Posterized: Now Playing July 1981

Another month, another eclectic mix of titles released in 1981. Like this year, July 1981 saw the release of a John Carpenter film, though I am assuming Escape From New York received more than a perfunctory week long one-theatre per town, one-showtime per day release. Though in fairness, Escape From New York is a much better film that The Ward.

Blow Out, which received a great Criterion Blu-Ray and DVD edition this Spring is clearly the class of this batch for myself. Other than that and Escape, I've seen Arthur, The Decline of Western Civilization, Fox and the Hound, S.O.B. and Victory.

Anyone want to make the case that any other of these July 1981 releases are hidden gems?


Mummbles said...

You haven't seen the masterpiece that is Force: Five? I think it won an Oscar for best song..

le0pard13 said...

Arthur, Blow Out, Escape From New York, and S.O.B. all the way, baby!

slasherflix said...

Force:Five looks awesome! I've always loved Wolfen and I own both On Any Sundays ,good stuff.

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