Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh the Things You Can Do in 48 Hours

This weekend, a few friends and myself took part in the annual 48 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles. The concept is that in the span of two days a group of filmmakers conceive a short film of a length between four to seven minutes. Each group is given a genre (ours was thriller/mystery), a prop (three or more potatoes), a line of dialogue ("Leave it to me, I'm a professional") and a character (Ronald or Rhonda Donnellson) that all need to be incorporated into the film.

Was depriving ourselves of sleep and quality meals for a weekend worth it? I'll let you decide for yourself, I present thee with this link to The 1/2 Inch Paradox.

In case you are wondering, yes, it's supposed to be funny, and yes the word "potato" or it's plural, is misspelled twice, once on purpose, once not so much. My role in the production was kind of a jack of all trades, I helped a lot with the script, served as grip, shot and directed a couple of scenes (pretty much interchangeable in such a brief production timeline), served as an ad hoc script supervisor and yes, that taller and svelter than normal Santa Claus is none other than your humble author.

In case you feel the need to see this theatrically, the way god, Buddha, Lil' Baby Jesus and Sid Grauman intended you to see motion pictures, it will be shown (as well as several others groups' films) tomorrow at the Fairfax Theatre in Los Angeles at 8:15 PM.

At the last we gave it more of an effort than the Lakers last night.


Anonymous said...

man it wont work on my cpu, is it on you tube? let me know i really want to see it. you never told me about this butthead

Colonel Mortimer said...

You can't view it? That's not good, its quicktime, I thought you had a MAC? Works fine for me. Let me ask my buddy if he can put it on Youtube, and Ill embed it here. Hope you had a good b-day.

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