Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America: FUCK YEAH!!!; California (or at least 52% of it): FUCK YOU

After eight years of woeful mismanagement of our country by the Bush administration, and a seemingly endless, and very nasty, campaign season, the people have spoken and chosen the right man to move our country forward.

Of course there is work to be done, but for now let's celebrate this monumentally historic moment in time. The Sam Cooke song "A Change is Going to Come" has been spinning around in my head today (Obama referenced it in his acceptance speech), a tad obvious, perhaps, but it still remains a powerful anthem. Sadly Cooke is not alive forty-four years after the the Civil Rights movement inspired him to pen the song to witness how prophetic his words became.


Sadly my enthusiasm for a Obama presidency is tempered severely by disappointment, nay disgust, that my native state of California pretty much legalized discrimination and struck down the notion that "all men are created equal" by allowing religious zealots (including the fucking Mormons) to pass their shameful "values" to this great state via Proposition 8. My mind can't make sense of how we as a state can give someone as progressive as Obama a 20 plus percentage win, while simultaneously preventing our gay citizens equal rights. I guess if there is a silver lining, 2001's "marriage labeling" Proposition 22 passed with 61% support in 2001 versus the 52% support for Prop 8 currently has. Slowly but surely the younger generation is rejecting past hatreds and currently gay marriage proponents and the ACLU are already hard at work to dismiss this proposition from California's constitution. Godspeed.

One step forward for America, one step back.

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Mummbles said...

pretty much everyone is in the same mind set, we win a little but we lose a lot as well. i guess besides the bay area and LA area california is much different then one would think. one mormon i know of supported no on 8, steve young.

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