Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mysterious Fifth Ennio Morricone Tune

This will officially end my unofficial Ennio Morricone birthday month celebration, but it was bought to my attention that in my tribute post I referenced five tracks that displayed the myriad range of the man's talent, but only posted four videos. Now either I forgot one, failed horribly at rudimentary mathematics or just typed five where I meant four...sadly my mind can be like a sieve and I have no recollection of which option applies.

Therefore, I present a fifth track to settle the deal, his score to Elio Petri's black comedy An Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, about a Italian cop who is actually a murderer, hey it's a Dexter predecessor! I saw this about five years ago at a revival screening with some other of Petri's other film, he's a unique, political minded director who often mercilessly satirized the wealthy and powerful.

Morricone's score is as playful as Petri's film, a jaunty number with a syncopated beat that builds tension and serves as an oft-repeated anthem for the corrupt and murderous policeman.

Unfortunately most of Petri's oeuvre, including Investigation, is currently unavailable on DVD, a real shame especially considering that it won a Best Foreign Film Oscar and the Grand Prix at Cannes.

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