Friday, December 5, 2008

Remember Kiddies Only 20 Chopping Days 'Til Christmas

Title featuring a bad pun? You know I must be talking about Tales From the Crypt! In keeping with the merriment of the season of giving, I present you with the opening segment of the 1972 anthology film based on the classic EC comic series and directed by Freddie Francis in its entirety.

In this segment "All Through the House" a fed up housewife (Joan Collins) chooses Christmas Eve as the perfect time to murder her husband. This being TCFTC you know no bad deed shall go unpunished, and as she is prepping her husband's corpse, she is stalked by a madman dressed as Santa Claus who has just escaped from an insane asylum. Caught in a quandary because she cannot call the cops before disposing of incriminating evidence, what will she do? And more importantly what will her daughter, snug in her bed with visions of sugar plumbs dancing in her head, do when she sees Ol' Saint Nick?



Mummbles said...

i liked it!

slasherflix said...

One of the best anthologies ever! Vault of Horror was watchable at best. Can't wait to get the Dead of Night anthology, heard it's supposed to be great.

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