Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Screening Log

I've been told by a few people that my movie watching totals are crazy, and I guess, yes, for a married man with a full-time job that may be true, but then I see someone like her, and I feel like a novice. C'est la vie.

This month you will notice a new category, Blu-ray, yes, this is the month I made the long awaited leap to the land of 1080p.

As always it's date watched, title, year/director, method of viewing, number of times I've seen the particular film and my letter grade.

1. 2/2-Fight Club (1999, David Fincher)/Blu-Ray/4th/A-
2. 2/3-Two Lovers (2009, James Gray)/Netflix Watch It Now/1st/B+
3. 2/6-The Silent Partner (1978, Daryl Dukes)/DVD/1st/A
4. 2/6-Beware the Moon (2009, Paul Davis)/Blu-Ray/1st/B-
5. 2/6-Revanche (2009, Gotz Spielmann)/Theatre (New Beverly)/1st/A-
6. 2/7-The Swimmer (1968, Frank Perry)/Netflix Watch It Now/1st/B+
7. 2/7-Gommarah (2008, Matteo Garrone)/DVD/1st/B
8. 2/9-American Psycho (2000, Mary Harron)/DV-R (IFC)/2nd/B
9. 2/10-Inside Moves (1980, Richard Donner)/DVD/1st/C
10. 2/12-The House of the Devil (2009, Ti West)/Blu-Ray/1st/B
11. 2/12-The Godfather part II (1974, Francis Ford Coppola)/Blu-Ray/8th (?)/A+
12. 2/14-An Education (2009, Lone Scherfig)/Theatre (Pasadena Playhouse)/1st/C+
13. 2/14-Michael Jackson: This Is It (2009, Kenny Ortega)/Blu-Ray/1st/B-
14. 2/14-Paranormal Activity (2009, Oren Peli)/Blu-Ray/1st/B-
15. 2/15-The Wolfman (2010, Joe Johnston)/Theatre (Vista)/1st/C (review)
16. 2/16-Code of Silence (1985, Andrew Davis)/DV-R (MGM HD)/1st/B-
17. 2/17-The Tall T (1957, Budd Boetticher)/Netflix Watch It Now/1st/B+
18. 2/19-Freebie and the Bean (1974, Richard Rush)/DVD/2nd/B+
19. 2/20-The White Ribbon (2009, Michael Haneke)/Theatre (Pasadena Playhouse)/1st/B+
20. 2/20-The Cove (2009, Louie Psihoyos)/DVD/1st/B
21. 2/21-Taxi Driver (1976, Martin Scorsese)/DVD/4th/A+
22. 2/22-Anything Else (2003, Woody Allen)/DVD/1st/C-
23. 2/23-A Song is Born (1948, Howard Hawks)/DVD/1st/C+
24. 2/24-Assault on Precinct 13 (1976, John Carpenter)/Blu-Ray/2nd/B+
25. 2/25-Fat City (1972, John Huston)/Netflix Watch it Now/1st/B+
26. 2/27-Hunger (2009, Steve McQueen)/Blu-Ray/1st/B
27. 2/27-Year One (2009, Harold Ramis)/TV (Starz HD)/1st/D
28. 2/28-The Crazies (2010, Breck Eisner)/Theatre (AMC Rolling Hills)/1st/B-
29. 2/28-Three Amigos (1986, John Landis)/DVD/3rd (?)/B

What did you watch in February?

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