Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr. Show Sketch of the Moment: "Worthington's Law"

When a prominent right wing windbag blurted out a defense of his anti-health care reform stance that pretty much added up to the assertion that people with more money have better houses and cars than the less fortunate, so why shouldn't they also better health care, the reduction of what should be a common goal for a country (IE the health and well being of it's citizens) to a capitalistic commodity, I instantly thought of this prescient Mr. Show sketch that ruthlessly skewers this way of thinking and the whole Fortune 500 list by presenting Worthington's Law which is comprised of one basic tenet, the more money you have = the better a person you are. Henceforth, the Great Caruso < Sammy Hagar.

Hey the monkey says I am number 124,523,099, I'm moving up!

1 comment:

Mummbles said...

Strawberry is ranked high, good skit

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