Monday, May 23, 2011

Posterized: Now Playing May 1981

Seeing how the whole apocalypse thing never materialized, let's take a gander at the films that were released in the United States thirty years ago this month.

A typical varied assortment of wonder and weirdness. This month features the likes of Richard Pryor, John Waters, David Bowie, Charles Bronson and Jason Vorhees.


Mummbles said...

It seems they used a lot more artwork for posters in 1981, instead the lame posters of today that just show someones face.

le0pard13 said...

I still have fondness for the westerns here, OUTLAND and DEATH HUNT... mostly for Marvin, Bronson, Connery and Sternhagen. I won't comment on THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER, though. And a big thumbs up for the really underrated gem for May '81: HIGH RISK. Thanks, Colonel.

Colonel Mortimer said...

@Mummbles---yes, the art of movie poster has definitely nosedived in the last 30 years.

@Leopard13--I am a fan of Outland too, have not seen Death Hunt but it's definitely something I plan on visiting this year. Thanks for the head's up on High Risk, that's one I honestly knew nothing about. I've heard nothing but horrible things about the legend of the lone ranger, to the point that I am actually somewhat morbidly curious about that one.

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