Sunday, August 28, 2011

Posterized: Now Playing August 1981

Here are the films that opened in North American cinemas this month thirty years. The highlights here are An American Werewolf in London and Prince of the City, those two actually opened on the same day. Also of interest are Body Heat, Gallipoli and They All Laughed.

I do also have to admit to getting some kicks from the satirical film Student Bodies which administers the Airplane! treatment to Friday the 13th and it's ilk (and is from the same studio, Paramount, as those two films), though it's been over fifteen years since I last saw it. My friend Mike and I went through a phase of consistently referencing the line "chicken...broken" in conversations.


Mummbles said...

An Eye For An Eye poster stands out here, Norris kicking the Golden Gate Bridge = Golden! Interesting list of movies for sure.

le0pard13 said...

It would have been a great month even if only An American Werewolf in London, Prince of the City, Gallipoli, Heavy Metal and Body Heat had only been released. I saw every one of those, with the exception of Gallipoli, first run in the theater back then. I even saw An Eye for An Eye... which I've regretted more and more (if only Bruce Lee had kicked some sense into Chuck). Thanks, Colonel.

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