Monday, April 2, 2007

When Melvin Met "Sam"

David Fincher's Zodiac is, after the first three months of the year, hands down my favorite film of the year, actually had it been released last year like originally planned, it would have been the best film of 2006. I would like to go on further, and might, maybe when it hits DVD, but for now I give you this video of a CBS Evening News report from 1969 featuring footage of the bay area morning show where famous attorney Melvin Belli talked to an impostor claiming to be the Zodiac and calling himself "Sam". It becomes known shortly afterwards that it was made from within the confines of an Oakland mental health clinic. The footage also shows that Brian Cox's over-the-top performance as Belli wasn't that far from the mark.

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Anonymous said...

that is really interesting to see what really happened.

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