Monday, February 22, 2010

Trailer of the Moment/The Percy Rodrigues Files: Taxi Driver (1976, Martin Scorsese)

The combination of purchasing a cheaply priced copy of Bernard Herrmann's score to Taxi Driver on CD and the constant barrage of advertising for director Martin Scorsese's latest film Shutter Island (as of this writing, still unseen by me) prompted me to revisit Driver for the first time in, yikes, over a decade.

Incidentially, Taxi Driver was the third film I ever purchased on DVD way back in 1999, just after Boogie Nights (the original version, which I have since upgraded) and Fritz Lang's Metropolis, a $5 public domain copy that went missing (note to self: pick up Metropolis when it hits Blu-Ray).

After my viewing of the film (still great yada yada yada), I watched the trailer and who's icy vocal intonations did I hear? None other than Percy Rodrigues, aka the only person who could make Scorsese's chilling masterpiece sound even more sinister!

"Now, Robert DeNiro creates a terrifying portrait of life on the edge of madness"

For more on Percy Rodrigues, here is my article on him from back in May 2009.


Mummbles said...

He makes the movie seem like a freaking horror movie, great voice work. Btw, I thought I bought you Boogie Nights?

Colonel Mortimer said...

I think you got me the super deluxe version, I had bought the bare bones the same time I bought a DVD player, at least I think so, maybe my memory is going.

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