Thursday, September 30, 2010

Like Any Good Horror Film, A Sequel or Remake is in the Works

Last October I was able to provide a Horror movie (or music) themed blog entry a day to the surprise of, well, myself mostly. For those who missed it, or want to relive the past, click here.

Well folks, schedule and life permitting (and as this year has showed me, take nothing for granted), I should be continuing the Horror themed post a day schedule for this month. Starting tomorrow look forward to Horror tinged posts in my usual categories (The 80s Project, Posterized, The Movies Go to the Movies, etc.) around 8:00pm every night.

Elsewhere let me recommend the sure to be fascinating John Carpenter Blog-a-than that Radiator Heaven is hosting. Hopefully I will contribute to it, if I get around to writing a review for The Fog, and he'll have it!

P.S.: RIP Arthur Penn, Greg Giraldo, and Tony Curtis!


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