Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Extinct: One Screen Palaces in the Modern World (The Fremont)

The Fremont Theatre
San Luis Obispo, CA
Built 1940
S Charles Lee, Architect
Picture Taken 5/22/09

Located in the heart of vibrant downtown San Luis Obispo, home of Cal Poly University, nestled snugly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is this impressive one screen wonder that has for nearly seventy years shown the latest Hollywood fare to college student and townie alike, the Fremont Theatre.

Owned and lovingly operated by small independent theatre chain The Movie Experience (there was hardly a space on the lobby walls not covered with a poster for an upcoming film) after years of neglect by such unsuitable chains as Mann, the Fremont has been renovated for modern exhibition with a booming sound system and crisp digital projection while still maintaining the charm and dignity of its Art Deco style and painted walls. An added bonus: once a month they show a classic film, this year's schedule was focused on the 1950's.

Here's two pictures of the interior (I apologize for the crummy quality of the pictures, I was not using a flash):

Should you ever visit SLO, and it's a great weekend trip for either Southern or Northern California residents, do yourself a favor and catch whatever film is playing there, no matter its quality, the experience will be worth it.

For more on the Fremont Theatre:

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-The Movie Experience Chain's website
-The Fremont Theatre's Cinematour page (featuring many more interior photos)

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