Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of '81 Horror: Holiday Horror

Holidays. The time we gather with are closest friends and dearest relatives to celebrate the passing of another year, reflect upon the changes in our lives, and become fodder for maniacal serial killers seeking vengeance for misconduct perpetrated several years (or even decades) ago.

Yes, the combination of slasher films plus seasonal celebration have been intertwined ever since Bob Clark’s Black Christmas surrounded the merriment with uh, murderment, back in 1974. Four years later, John Carpenter would cement this symbiotic relationship with his groundbreaking film, Halloween. Between the release of that film and 1981, we had seen various havoc committed on such normally festive celebratory dates as New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Evil), Christmas (Christmas Evil), and Friday the 13th (duh..). But the floodgates would open in 1981, and Valentine’s Day, Graduation Day, even, your birthday was not safe anymore, not to mention encore terror on Friday the 13th and Halloween.

The next six days we will be studying the effects of holidays on your health, prognosis: deadly!

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le0pard13 said...

Looking forward to it, Colonel.

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