Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of '81 Horror: Possession (Andrez Zuwalski)

Perhaps the most atypical movie to be discussed this month (but we’ll see), this is one film where the madness and insanity contained within it extends outwardly and affects the viewer. Employing frequent use of hypnotic roaming long shots and disorienting compositions and editing that moves time and space without any forewarning, Andrez Zuwalski’s Possession uses the form of cinema to put us in its character’s state of mind as they crumble to psychotic results.

Combining horror/science fiction tropes and the confines of Germany under Communist rule with the looming Berlin Wall as a key visual metaphor, Zulawski’s singular vision explores the emotional violence and visceral effects of divorce, ultimately positing the question: could an alien species be any worse than us humans? Or at least that’s one interpretation I deduced, it’s an ambiguous and sometimes impenetrable (though always intriguing) film.

Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill give performance turned up to eleven that would probably make Nicolas Cage blush and say “that’s maybe a skooch too much guys” but work perfectly within the film’s parameters. They are, pardon the pun, truly possessed.


Mummbles said...

This one sounds confusing.

Anonymous said...

yeah man. cut the sh.t and just tell us what the movie is about.

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