Monday, September 1, 2008

More Blogs About Buildings and Food (sans the Buildings Part)

This is a continuation from this post...

Again, I apologize in advance to any sensitive vegetarian/vegan readers...

Brisket and Sauteed Spinach

This takes about three hours to cook! Recommended only when cold outside (since your oven's on for the entire time) and you have little plans for the day other than reading the paper or watching movies and football.

Salmon with Tomatoes and Capers, Asparagus and Risotto

Risotto has become one of my favorite things to eat, however, making it is a long, arduous, monotonous and ultimately frustrating experience. In the hour or so it takes to perfect, I find myself running a gamut of emotions from anticipation to impatience to outright anger to acceptance that it won't be that good to ultimately triumph at taming thy beast.

Crepes (two varieties: one with berries, one with lemon juice), Turkey Sausage, and Espresso

Breakfast of Champions!

Well until next time, this is Chef Mortimer wishing you good eating.

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Mummbles said...

dude stop making me hungry

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