Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Icons of Cool: Vincent Price

A new feature here at the ol' CMWHHR (the new generation digs those acronyms!) celebrating the life of a person who to my sensibility symbolizes "cool". My loose definition is someone who lived a singular and unique life and contributed something to the world that left an indelible impact on myself. This person could be an athlete, film director, actor, musician, politician, author or what have you. Consider this Colonel Mortimer's Personal Hall of Fame.

These posts will consist of some of my favorite photos, stills or artist renderings of the subject that I found on the interwebs that probably would be more at home on a tumblr site, but hey, I am not starting another website.

Today's inaugural inductee is the seasonally appropriate horror icon and "Thriller" guest rapper Vincent Price. Born May 25th, 1911, Price was a Yale graduate who began acting in theatre in the 1930s and made his acting debut in the romantic comedy Service de Luxe (1938), his first lead role in a horror film was in the 1940 sequel The Invisible Man Returns, his final role would be as the inventor father of the titular character in Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands (1990). Between that he would work with such influential filmmakers as Samuel Fuller, Andre de Toth, Otto Preminger, Michael Reeves, Mario Bava, William Castle, and of course, Roger Corman. Price is notorious for his tongue in cheek performances, but I implore you to catch The Witchfinder General which features his most straight forward villainous role and displays the depths of his talents. Price would leave this mortal coil on October 25th, 1991. Just six days too early!

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le0pard13 said...

This was a perfect title for this post, Colonel. Thanks for this.

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