Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trailer of the Moment: Videodrome

Remember in my Trailer of the Moment entry on Suspiria, how I mentioned that when presented with the difficult task of presenting to the audiences a completely original vision in trailer format that studios tend to either a.) de-emphasize the originality by editing the footage in a way that makes the viewer think they are about to watch something within a genre they are already comfortable with? or b.) embrace the new concepts. Well, Videodrome went all the way to option C.) fuck y'all, you will submit to the powers of our film whether you like it or not, fucker!

Any footage from the film itself is relegated to still images as the trailer for Videodrome, produced by Universal Studios by the way, is a minute plus of pop art imagery featuring state of the art (for 1983) computer graphics.

And, I am not sure if my ears are working properly, but that sure sounds like our pal Percy Rodrigues narrating, if so, it's a somewhat subdued voice-over for him. Though there is the wonderful line "Television can change your mind, Videodrome will change your body!"

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